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The name of a traditional oil lamp forms the basics of the concept behind and welcomes addition to the Sai Kung Dining Scene. The exotic Indian lamp gives off a warm welcoming glow to each table and appears in the logo of the restaurant. Enjoy the authentic taste, texture and flavor of classic Indian dishes without the fat. We can adjust the spices or hotness according to your taste!

We are specialists in outdoor catering and any type of parties.

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Shuruath - Appetizers
1. Masala Papadoms $15.00
Thin lentil wafers deep fried & topped with chopped onion,
tomatoes, chillies and spices
2. Papad (2 pcs) $15.00
Light lacy lentil crisp, served toasted
3. Sammi Kebab (3 pcs) $55.00
Minced beef with Indian spices serve with mint chutney
4. Samosa (3 pcs) $39.00
A cone shaped crispy pastry filled with spices, potatoes,
green beans, nut and raisins
5. Macchi Pakora $42.00
Indian style deep fried fish fingers
6. Aloo Chat $38.00
Diced of boiled potatoes blended with chopped onions,
corriander and green chillies sprinkled with chat spices and lemon juice
7. Onion Bhaji $38.00
Sliced onion deep fried in chic pea flour batter
8. Stuffed Poori $45.00
These are stuffed and enticing spicy filling of chicken or wild mushrooms
9. Tali Jhinga $50.00
Savory prawn, deep fried with chic pea flour batter and spices
10. Tuna Tikya $48.00
Pan-fried tuna fish with mashed potato, onion and fresh lemon leaves
11. Mixed Starters Platter $120.00
A fine assortment of samosa, macchi pakora, onion bhaji, aloo chat served with salad

Shorba - Soup
12. Mulligatawny Shorba $35.00

Typical south Indian lentil soup garnished with boiled rice.

Add chicken - $10
Add shrimp - $20

13. Soup of the Day $40.00
Ask for your daily soup.

Slaad - Salad
14. Raita $30.00
Our cooling yogurt dip, the perfect complement to a spicy entree
15. Kuchumber Salad $35.00
Cubes of cucumber, tomatoes, onions in a fresh coriander & lemon juices
16. Harey Bharey Salad $30.00
Green salad, mix letthus, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions,
and tossed with traditional Indian dressing

Seafood Specialties
17. Vindaloo Jhinga $82.00
Prawns cooked in fiery hot sauce with onions & potatoes
18. Jhinga Bhuna $88.00
Fresh prawns sauteed with brown onion and traditional spices.
19. Jhinga Jaffrezi $82.00
Prawns cooked with fresh green peppers, onion, tomato and Indian herbs

Gosht - Lamb
Our lamb is from Australia.
21. Keena Muttor $70.00
Minced lamb cooked with peas, deliciously spiced with ginger and garlic
22. Shahi Korma $75.00
Boneless chunks of lamb cooked in almond and cream sauce.
23. Lamb Rogan Josh $72.00
Tender pieces of lamb in a rich red curry flavour with combination
of saffron, cardamon, cloves and cinnamon


Our beef is from Australia.

29. Beef Tikka Bhuna $75.00
Tender pieces of beef prepared in tandoor and cooked with fresh gingers,
onion, pepper, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh chilli
30. Beef Vindaloo $72.00
Succulent pieces of beef and potatoes cooked in a goan inspired curry.
31. Beef Pasanda $75.00
Chunks of beef cooked in mild cashew cream sauce

Murghi - Chicken

Our chicken is from Brazil/USA.

34. Kadai Chicken $68.00

Boneless chicken breast delicately seasoned with ginger,
green chillies and coriander cooked in an iron wok

35. Murgh Tikka, Masala $68.00

Tender pieces chicken, marinated and half cooked in the tandoor and finished in a mildly hot sauce

36. Murgh Mahawala $68.00
Delicacy of barbecued boneless chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes and butter sauce

Sabzi - Vegetables
42. Baigan Bharta $55.00
Eggplant cooked over an open flame, mashed and seasoned with garlic and spices,
perfect with raita and tandoori bread
43. Soowa Palak $58.00
An enchanting blend of spinach, dill and lentils sauteed with garlic and onion
44. Aloo Gobi $58.00
Cauliflower and potatoes curry combined with sharp taste of black pepper and little curry

Tandoori Specialties
54. Murgh Tikka Kebab $70.00
Chunks of tender boneless chicken, marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices
55. Harialey Murgh Tikka $80.00
Tender chicken marinated with spinach and celantro
56. Seekh Kebab $75.00
Minced lamb marinated with delicate blend of special spices, skewered, and cooked in a clay oven

Naan Bread - Indian Bread
64. Naan $15.00
Flat, leavened bread, hand stretched and cooked on the wall of clay oven
65. Stuffed Naan $20.00

a) Keema
b) Cheese
c) Potato
d) Mix dry fruit & coconut
e) Onion
f) Butter

66. Garlic Naan $18.00

Tandoor baked naan bread with garlic flavor

71. Safed Chawal $18.00
Steamed rice
72. Basmati Chawal $28.00
Fragrant long grain rice imported from the foot of Himalayan mountain
Kesar Pullao $38.00
Indian rice cooked with cloves and saffron
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